Clinic Timing

Mon - Sat ( with prior appointment )
10 am to 12 noon
Video Consultation Timing :
12 noon to 1 pm &
5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
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Our Services

  • Consultation provided for all pediatric diseases.
  • Consultation provided for newborns diseases and well baby consultations.
  • All vaccinations available with latest technology for all age group.
  • Growth Monitoring.
  • Regular asthma clinic free
  • Regular diet counselling for picky eaters free
  • Child Growth Management.
  • Childhood Nutrition.
  • Childhood Infections.
  • Speech therapy available by speech therapist.
  • Laboratory services provided by Dr Lal path Labs
  • Pediatric neurologist available for consultation at the centre

Parenting Tips

Question 1. Doctor, Is my child growing well ?

Ans. Frequently as parents, we wonder if our new born baby is following the right growth graph and getting adequate feed, at all your clinic visits importance is paid to the growth and general well being of the child.
Feeding behaviours if the child is exclusive breast fed, feeding and lactation are ably guided and supervised and dietary advise is given as per age appropriate expected diet norms.
Normally a new born doubles his/her weight between 4-5 month of age and triples at 1yrs of age.
The growth chart followed in the clinic and incorported in the clinic software Docon is a combination of the best available, a combination of Indian and WHO growth charts. BMI is an important parameter for growth mointoring from 2 years onwards. Most of the babies should fall between 5th to 85th percentile of growth chart. Both below and above are alarming in today’s times.
The doctor herself of course notices the relevant changes with every visit and needless to say all your parental concerns however trivial mostly is tried to be addressed to the best of your satisfaction.
Nurturing the growth and development of a baby from new born period to healthy adult hood is a challenging and daunting task for the parents and paediatricians. Both the roles are vital to detect early growth problems and early diagnosis and intervention is the key to nurture their faultering growth patterns. So careful observation by parents and doctor is the need of the need of the hour.

Question2. Doctor, My child has fever, what should I do?

Ans. Being parents, The most common alarming situation to discover is that my child has fever. It surely panics us to discover that. Though with frequent weather variation, fever 3-4 times a year is not too uncommon. Fever or pyrexia in medical terminology is mostly a sign of infection or a symptom that your body is undergoing some stressful situation. With new kinds of infection and fever cropping up in the world everyday panic around fever is common but try to maintain calm and handle the situation to your best, few do’s and don’t’s:

*Measure temperature and keep a chart, Normal body temperature when exceeds 98.4*F may be cause of alarm we medicate for fever is beyond 100*F with first of all paracetamol and tepid sponging. Do not forget to bathe your child during fever with lukewarm water, Avoid over clothing as that may shoot up the temperature. Try to give a lukewarm water bath and keep the baby in comfortable environment, we may use AC or Cooler too if environmental temperature is high, but room temperature should be not too low, try to maintain around 28-30*C.

If paracetamol & sponging doesn’t help please call the doctor or in odd hours rush to Ayushman Hospital (Either sec 10 or 12) or Aakash Hospital, sec 3 and information to your doctor if needed may be done. If fever persist beyond 2 days or associated symptoms are too many kindly visit the clinic. Keep the baby well hydrated, try to give easily digestible food. Increasing the caloric value of food & protein rich food helps in recovery . Moreover do spare your precious time during illness, the little ones feel reassured.