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Welcome To Dr. Sricha Child & Adolescent Clinic

Dr Sricha Sharma Child & Adolescent clinic is an established name in the field of Child & Adolescent Care. Clinic provides consultation for all pediatric diseases. At the clinic, all vaccinations available with latest technology for all age group. With the help of our website you can track the progress report of vaccinations of your child and other necessary medical reports from your home. We also provides child growth management. We have tie up with Lal Pathology Labs For laboratory services. We took child & Adolescent friendly approach to solve all the health related problem of childs. At our clinic we try to interact with child & Adolescent in a friendly manner so that we can understand their exact problem and can solve their problem.

All vaccinations are available for all age group including adult vaccinations. We are a technology friendly clinic where all patient prescriptions & vaccinations records are maintained through software which you can access online any time.

Our Services

  • Consultation provided for all pediatric diseases.
  • Consultation provided for newborns diseases and well baby consultations.
  • All vaccinations available with latest technology for all age group.
  • Growth Monitoring.
  • Regular asthma clinic free
  • Regular diet counselling for picky eaters free
  • Child & Adolescen Growth Management.
  • Childhood Nutrition.
  • Childhood Infections.
  • Speech therapy available by speech therapist.
  • Laboratory services provided by Dr Lal path Labs
  • Pediatric neurologist available for consultation at the centre